Pandemic Backsliding Risk Index, April 2020
The Pandemic Backsliding Project aims to track state responses to the Covid-19 pandemic as illustrative of the varieties of emergency measures and their execution, addressing how these decisions affect short- and long-term prospects for the political regime and democracy.  Our pilot study – The Pandemic Backsliding Risk Index – provides a first overview of the Covid-19 related risks in most countries and territories. To construct the Pandemic Backsliding Risk Index, we utilized the V-Dem network to collect data on Covid-19 responses by governments in 142 countries, combining this with existing V-Dem data on democracy and freedom.

Data files:
In this Policy Brief, we explain the findings and the index more in detail. Here, you find the  data (CSV) (336.9 KB) and  Codebook (170.0 KB) .

Stata Friendly Freedom House Data, 1973-2018
Freedom House publishes an annual assessment of civil liberties and political rights for 195 countries and 14 territories worldwide.  Countries are coded from 1 to 7, with 1 being the most free and 7 being the least free.  For the original data, see Freedom House’s website.  The data provided here contain the original scores, as well as several useful combined scores. These data also contain Correlates of War codes for easy merge with other datasets. The file is in long-format, which can easily be imported into Stata (and other statistical software).

Data Files:
Stata Friendly Freedom House Data, 1973-2018.  Excel File.

U.S. Economic and Military Assistance, 1946-2016
The U.S. government publishes annual data on foreign assistance in the “U.S. Overseas Loans and Grants” report (aka Greenbook). Transfers to individual countries are classified as either economic or military. The original data can be found here. The dataset below contains aggregate numbers for all recipients listed in the report from 1946 to 2016. Countries receiving at least $500,000 in cumulative assistance are reported.

Data Files:
US Economic and Military Assistance, 1946-2016. Excel File.

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