Karibu sana!

Currently, I am a PhD candidate in Comparative Politics at the University of Florida. I hold a Bachelor’s in Political Science (Appalachian State University, 2008), a Master’s in International Affairs (Texas A&M University, 2011), and a Master’s in Political Science (University of Florida, 2015).  I have conducted fieldwork in D.R. Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, and Uganda.  My research interests focus on regime transition, political institutions, elections and electoral politics, gender politics, and sub-Saharan Africa.  See the blog for my frequent ramblings about African politics, data, research methods, US foreign policy, and other random insights.  I also have a data page posted with datasets I’ve compiled, cleaned, and/or made more Stata friendly.  Lastly, you can check out my CV  I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate on research and international development projects.  Hope you enjoy reading my website and I am eager for your comments!  If you wish to contact me: abedgell@gmail.com

Amanda B. Edgell, January 2017