Freedom House 2016 Update

Freedom House publishes an annual assessment of civil liberties and political rights for 195 countries and 14 territories worldwide.  Previously, I have made available my “clean” version of this data, which is more friendly for import into statistical software like Stata. Today, I am uploading the latest release which includes coverage from 1972 to 2015.

Freedom House codes countries from 1 to 7, with 1 being the most free and 7 being the least free on each of its indicators and then generates an ordinal measure of freeness based on the average score.  Each edition of Freedom in the World rates countries on their status during the previous year.

Data below (and on the data page) contain original Freedom House measures, as well as, scale inverted, averages, minimum, and maximums. These data also include Correlates of War state abbreviations and state codes to streamline data merging.  Please provide acknowledgement if you used these data in your work. Recommended citation:

Freedom House. 2016. Freedom in the World, 1973-2016. 

Data Files:
Freedom House, Freedom in the World Data, 1973-2016.  Excel File.


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