Graphic Monday: Which Districts in Malawi Select the Winning Presidential Candidate?

Today’s graphic shows the number of times a plurality of voters in each of Malawi’s 28 districts have selected the presidential candidate who ended up being the overall winner in the general election.  Included are the results of all 5 elections that have taken place since 1994, when Malawi transitioned to multiparty politics.  The shape file comes from the FAO Gaul database [gated].

Malawi Winners

The map clearly shows Malawi’s regional voting patterns – with the Northern region and parts of the Central region less represented by the chief executive when compared to the Southern region.

The majority of voters in four districts – Chiradzulu, Ntcheu, Thyolo, and Zomba – have voted for the winning candidate in every single multiparty election.  Of these, only Ntcheu is not in the Southern region.  These four districts account for approximately 15% of Malawians (according to the 2008 Population and Housing Census).

Meanwhile, voters in two districts – Dedza and Lilongwe – have never voted in support of the candidate who won the presidential election.  These two districts account for 19% of the population. Lilongwe District is also home to Malawi’s capital and largest city.


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