Graphic Monday: Gender Quotas Around the World

Here’s a quick map of legislative gender quotas around the world that I made in ArcGIS using the Natural Earth Admin0 shape file and Quota Project’s database on gender quotas. Quotas include only those for the national level legislature, either the lower chamber or sole chamber for unicameral institutions.

Quotas MapHere’s the data breakdown:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 14.39.57

Clearly, Legislated Candidate Quotas are the most common type of quota, followed by voluntary party quotas.  Interestingly, though, more countries in the world now have some form of gender quota for the lower chamber or unicameral legislature (109) than do not (98).

Replication files for ArcGIS are not supported by WordPress.  Feel free to email me if you would like them.


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