Graphic Monday: Rwanda’s Economic Growth Pattern

For this (first) installment of “Graphic Monday”, here is a line graph tracking the rate of GDP per capita and GDP growth in Rwanda and sub-Saharan Africa from 1990 to 2013.

Rwanda's Economic Trajectory copy

Note that Rwanda’s GDP dropped by 89.8% in 1994, with GDP per capita declining from $266.20 in 1993 to $140.25 in 1994.  Since the genocide, Rwanda’s economy has bounced back quickly and shown steady growth. On average, since 1995, the country has experienced 3.79% GDP growth, compared to 1.76 for the sub-Saharan region. In 2008, during the “global financial crisis”, Rwanda had a GDP growth rate of 7.39%!

Replication Information
For those who would like to replicate this graphic, and/or learn more about how to make similar graphics in STATA, the data file is available here: RwandaEconGraph.  This data is stored in Excel format because WordPress does not support .dta files. The data should be pasted into the data editor in STATA, selecting “Variable Names” when prompted. The code for producing the graphic is:

//Graphic Code for Rwanda’s GDP Per Capita and GDP Growth (%) 1990-2013
//Data Source: WorldBank Databank 2014
//Stata Version 12
//Generation Date: 14 July 2014

twoway (line gdp year if countryname == “Rwanda”, lcolor(blue) lwidth(medthick) lpattern(dash)) (line gdp year if countryname==”Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)”, lcolor(gs0) lwidth(medthick) lpattern(dash)) (line gdp_change year if countryname == “Rwanda”, yaxis(2) lcolor(red) lwidth(medthick)) (line gdp_change year if countryname==”Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)”, yaxis(2) lcolor(gs5) lwidth(medthick)), legend(label(1 “GDP Per-Capita, Rwanda”) label(3 “GDP Growth (%), Rwanda”) label(2 “GDP Per-Capita, sub-Saharan Africa”) label(4 “GDP Growth (%), sub-Saharan Africa”) size(small)) xti(“Year”) ti(“Marking Rwanda’s Economic Progress”) note(“Data Source: World Bank Data Bank 2014”) ylabel(-100(50)100, axis(2)) caption(“Graphic by Amanda B. Edgell”, size(small))


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