Stata-friendly Freedom House Data Now Available

Today, I posted to A Crowing Hen’s data page a Stata-friendly Excel file that contains the Freedom House Freedom in the World index from 1972-2014.  The data file contains the Freedom House scores for Civil Liberties and Political Rights, as well as their annual “status” assessment of a country’s level of freedom.

To the data, I have added scale-inverted measures, which more intuitively gives higher scores to countries that are more free.  I have also included averages, sums, minimums, and maximums for the two combined scores in their original and scale-inverted formats.  Finally, the data conveniently contains Correlates of War state abbreviations and state codes to make data merging easier.  Enjoy!

For more on Freedom House and their coding system, please visit their website.


8 Replies to “Stata-friendly Freedom House Data Now Available”

  1. Dear Amanda,
    Thank you so much for this data – I’ve just downloaded the raw data from FH site, and thought that “well, again data cleaning, matching countries with their ISO3 codes, damn, how that’s boring”, and then – I just googled for stata version of it, and here it is!
    Thanks a lot once again!

  2. The data is really timely and very much demanded. For me, it is invaluable b/ce I am conducting a masters thesis and I was searching intensively to get this data for a long time which is now get great relief. But still I am in need of some clarity as to how to use the sum in reverse way to determine its impact on environmental degradation in particular. Thanks

    1. Thanks for commenting, and I am glad you find the data useful. Please note I have provided an updated version of this dataset (see the data page) with coverage from 1972 to 2015. As far as which indicator to use for your research, this really depends on your research question and the theoretical construction of your concepts. I would recommend referencing “Social Science Concepts: A User’s Guide” by Gary Goertz as a starting point to understanding concept formation and measurement.

  3. Thank you very much for this data. Im using it for investigation and it really helps me. Obviously, Ill name you in every reference.

    Thanks again, Jorge

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