“No tolerance” from Virginia Foxx (R-NC 5th) for indebted graduates, while her pockets fill with profits from their loans

Last week, Virginia Foxx (R-NC 5th) who is the chair of the House Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training stated,

“I went through school. I worked my way through. It took me seven years; I never borrowed a dime of money. … I have very little tolerance for people who tell me that they graduate with $200,000 of debt or even $80,000 of debt…We live in an opportunity society and people are forgetting that. I remind folks all the time that the Declaration of Independence says ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’ You don’t sit on your butt and have it dumped in your lap.”

This comes on the heels of Foxx’s recent comments supporting the efficiency of for-profit education institutions, like the University of Phoenix. Last week, Foxx managed to push a bill through the House that would effectively repeal Obama administration measures that required online education institutions to gain accreditation in each state they operate and set a federal definition for a “credit hour”.  Foxx and other proponents of the bill argue that these measures are simply big government intruding on private business.  The funny thing is, these institutions also happen to be large contributors to her purse.

While A Crowing Hen usually stays out of US politics, aside from casual bar talk, Foxx’s blatant corruption called for some action. Here is the Letter to Virginia Foxx  that I emailed to her offices this evening.

For more on Representative Foxx’s antics:

To Contact Representative Foxx Directly: http://foxx.house.gov/contact/


2 Replies to ““No tolerance” from Virginia Foxx (R-NC 5th) for indebted graduates, while her pockets fill with profits from their loans”

  1. FYI: Virginia Foxx writes, “Regrettably, I am unable to reply to any email from individuals residing outside of my congressional district.” Evidently, the rest of the country’s opinion on her education policies simply do not matter, even if those policies affect everyone.

  2. To paraphrase something I once read on the internet:
    “I would call Virginia Fox a Cunt, but she has neither the depth nor the warmth.”
    Seriously, she represents everything I hate about everything.

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