Top Aide to President Kabila Dies in Plane Crash

President Kabila’s top aide, Augustin Katumba Mwanke died on Sunday when a plane carrying him and several other officials overshot a runway in Bukavu, South Kivu.  Katumba has been connected to mining concession sales leading up to the 2011 election and was considered by many an impediment to progress in D.R. Congo’s development.  Katumba’s death has raised questions regarding the future of the Kabila regime and stability in D.R. Congo.  Events surrounding the plane crash are still uncertain.  Katumba’s death has left a power vacuum at the president’s right hand and within business circles in Kinshasa.  As for now, it is uncertain who will step up to fill Katumba’s shoes. Or whether he/she will carry the role with the same business sense and corruption.

For press, see AFP.  For another take, see Congo Siasa.



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