Bachmann’s Staffer, Peter Waldron: Drama in Uganda

Normally, I shy away from American politics. Frankly, the in-fighting, name-calling, and mud-slinging bores me. I find most of what happens leading up to a major US election to be both offensive and quite disgusting. Our inability to have a mature election despite the fact that we were the first modern democracy is quite disturbing and continues to damage our reputation in the world. But…I couldn’t help perking up at the recently revealed links between presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann’s staffer, Peter Waldron, and Uganda’s crazed “eat da poo poo” pastor, Martin Ssempa.

Reportedly, Waldron not only has ties to religious movements in Uganda that support capital punishment for homosexuals, but was also arrested in 2006 on terrorism charges. According to an article in The Atlantic, Waldron was taken into custody outside of Kampala for smuggling weapons. Interestingly, he was arrested alongside 6 Congolese and one Ugandan. Also interesting, Waldron himself admits that the charges would have been a life sentence had it not been for an intervention made by the Bush administration on his behalf.

While no one is really sure why Waldron was in Uganda or what actually transpired during and after his arrest – like all good stories, Waldron’s has already been adapted into a film. The low-budget adaptation of Waldron’s adventures was produced by Big Promise Productions, an evangelical film company. After The Atlantic story broke, Big Promise removed the trailer for Waldron’s film The Ultimate Price: the Peter E Waldron Story from Youtube. Fortunately, there are other copies of it available online.  Conveniently, Waldron’s own website is also down for “construction” at the moment.

Supporters paint Waldron as a victim of the NRM’s intolerance for opposition, while most of the details of his arrest remain a mystery. Opponents say he was trying to launch a Christian-based political party and/or operating with Congolese militants in an attempt to claim the bounty on LRA commander Joseph Kony. Whatever the case, it would be wise for any sane presidential candidate to distance herself from a character like Waldron.

For more, here is the Google News feed.


One Reply to “Bachmann’s Staffer, Peter Waldron: Drama in Uganda”

  1. Many things can be considered weapons. Like words for instance… I take that back. Waldron is not that crafty.

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