This afternoon, I had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Dr. Geoffrey Agunyo and have tea with him afterward. Without sounding like a publicity plug or a 2am tv infomercial – the Kigezi Healthcare Foundation (KIHEFO) in Kabale Uganda is really doing some amazing things.

They approach development through a tri-fold strategy targeting health, poverty, and ignorance simultaneously. What started out as a community clinic and health initiative spearheaded by a former government employed physician has spread to become an income generating, poverty and disease reducing engine of change in southern Uganda.

The organization does everything from basic clinic services and HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention to volunteer and adventure tourism. KIHEFO has partnered with local tourism companies to provide subsidized trips for foreigners and much of the proceeds from these trips go back into the clinic. So think about that on your next gorilla trek in Eastern Africa.

Check out the organization at: 


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