Follow-Up: Texas A&M – Ssempa Connection

Review: Texas A&M’s Student Senate passed a bill last Wednesday that supports cutting funding for LGBT organizations so that equal funding could be distributed for “family and traditional values” programming.

A Bush School colleague, Armando Rojas, wrote a op/ed for the Battalion regarding the “Sexual Education Equality in Funding Bill”. In the piece Armando writes, 

To claim the need for a “traditional values” center, with equal funding as the GLBT center, is an utterly shameful ruse to cover up homophobia under the mantle of preaching equality, as well as the goal of damaging the ability to help GLBT students.  Let us be clear: “traditional values” is a dog whistle for conservative, religious, and heterosexual values, and none of these groups face the discrimination and bullying that homosexuals do. Kids have not committed suicide because they were bullied for being heterosexual.

Full article and conversation are here.


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