Inception saves us from Domino Theory


In Brief

Inception is classic science fiction with a mainstream makeover and political applications.

The Review

Leonardo DiCaprio (the entire cast really) is excellent in this creative science fiction thriller about mind games in the deepest sense. Honestly, I was confused for the first 15 minutes or so, and then had to actively work to follow the plot for the rest of the movie. This is no causal film-going experience. Inception demands that audiences participate in the experience by thinking through the complex plot and subplots.

The movie is mostly about brainwashing with sophistication. In a world where dreams can become as vivid as reality, your mind becomes vulnerable to intruders who would force you to believe an idea is your own – or the process of inception.

Inception is more than just a fun summer film. Unlike most science fiction films, this one managed to branch far enough into the mainstream to get people’s attention. When the Tunisian protests migrated to Egypt, bloggers spontaneously began writing about “inception” as if it were a catch-phrase for the contagious outcry for reforms that have now swept across the Middle East/North Africa region. Are the protests inception? Not exactly. I doubt that Christopher Nolan had this sort of political disintegration in mind when he wrote the story. But the term is definitely a good alternative to the worn out “domino theory”.

Report Card










Final Grade: A


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