The Kids Are All Right is more than just “alright”

In Brief

One part comedy, one part drama – this film reminds us what family is all about.

The Review

Annette Benning and Julianne Moore are incredible in this heartfelt dramedy about above all things – marriage and family. As a lesbian couple who has two kids from the same sperm donor, Benning and Moore explore the rollercoaster “marathon” that is married life. The hardships they endure are the same as any heterosexual marriage – raising children, growing old, and adultery. Their family feels like any other.

What I enjoyed most about this film was how real it felt. Movies are a good escape, but occasionally, it is wonderful to see art imitating life. And this film does just that. It flies at the face of homophobia, showing us that family is family. It doesn’t matter whether you have two mothers, two fathers, one mother, one father, or an aunt. Neither does it matter whether your family is biological or adoptive. Family is about love, unconditional love.

Somehow, woven between arguments and affairs – with love – everyone turns out all right.

Report Card









Final Grade: A-


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