Why The King’s Speech Did Not Speak to Me

In Brief

Go see it for the acting, but not for the plot.

The Review

Trying to round out my viewing of the Best Motion Picture category for 2010, last night I caught a showing of this year’s favorite –The King’s Speech. Let me start by saying that the acting in this film was superb. Collin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are their usual institutions. But Helena Bonham Carter was surprising in unusually normal character.

That said – the film was a bit of a disappointment. My biggest concerns – that the movie would lack depth of plot – were confirmed. I enjoy a character-drive plot very much. However, by its very essence, a character-driven plot still needs a plot. Despite the backdrop of extraordinary historical events leading up to the coronation of King George VI and Britain’s declaration of World War II, the narrow focus of the film on King George’s battle to overcome a stammer makes this film flat. The story was lacking. Frankly, I was bored.

As the credits rolled, I was left sympathizing with the characters, celebrating the actors’ triumph, and feeling absolutely nothing about the movie itself.

Report Card









Final Grade: B


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