Spring Collection from TOMS Shoes!

Ok so I am a little excited about the new spring collection from TOMS shoes. If you (have been living under a rock and) aren’t familiar with TOMS, they are a California based company that provides shoes to children in need. They are for profit so do not get hung up on the details without understanding this core component of their mission. But who said that a for profit company couldn’t also do good things in the world?

How does it work? For every pair of TOMS that you purchase, TOMS allocates funds to purchase shoes for a child in need. Just like most one-for-one schemes, don’t expect to ever meet the actual child who’s shoes you sponsor – that’s just ridiculous. In actuality, your funds go to advertising, transport, and of course toward shoes. But this doesn’t mean it’s not a great cause. Shoes help ensure kids don’t get life threatening illnesses and that they can go to school in places that require uniforms.

I just bought the olive and pink cordones and can’t wait until they arrive later this week!


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