$13.4m hydroelectric study to launch in D.R.C

On 1 February 2011, AECOM announced that it has been awarded $13.4m for a feasibility study of hydroelectric power at Grand Inga on the Congo River. The study will be conducted in partnership with Electricite de France (EDF) and has been financed by the African Development Bank. The project site is approximately 40km (25m) north of Matadi.

According to the World Bank, D.R. Congo holds 13 percent of the world’s total hydroelectric power, but this remains largely untapped.

Another major hydroelectric dam is located in Kisangani, D.R. Congo on the Tschopo River. Currently this dam is operating at 1/3 capacity, making electric conditions unstable in the greater Kisangani area. However, there has also been a move to repair the two non-working turbines in the dam.

AECOM and EDF’s project could be a major step toward reliable, sustainable electricity in D.R.C and Africa generally. Electric potential of the Congo river could supply Congo’s neighbors and lead to a major source of investment and revenue for the country.

Tschopo River Dam, Kisangani, D.R. Congo


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