Blood and Chocolate

Ok, so this is not a review of the werewolf B-list film that came out in 2007 called Blood and Chocolate. But the plot is almost as ridiculous. Earlier this week, began shouting that chocolate companies should help to resolve the conflict in Cote d’Ivoire or their actions were akin to engaging in conflict minerals like coltan in D.R. Congo and their products were akin to blood diamonds from Sierra Leone – blood chocolate. So next time you eat a Hershey’s bar, think about the children!

But in reality, I am skeptical. While cocoa is Cote d’Ivoire’s largest export, this cash crop is not as easily manipulated for political gain as conflict minerals. Isn’t most of the cocoa farming in Cote d’Ivoire happening on small scale farms? Wouldn’t banning cocoa from Cote d’Ivoire only hurt these individuals at the bottom?

Here’s some of the chatter elsewhere:

No graphic. Does someone want to submit a clever cartoon illustrating this?


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