FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015- Zimbabwe?

Women’s international soccer has definitely devalued from its triumphant moment during the FIFA World Cup 1999 when Mia Hamm slammed through soccer scoring and assisting records to push the USA team to number one on home soil. It was relatively unknown Brandi Chastain who stole the moment when she kicked the game winning PK, ripping off her jersey. The Rose Bowl was packed, hosting the world’s largest women’s sporting event in history – over 90,000 in attendance. I remember watching the event, 13 years old and decked out in my team USA gear.

Today, Zimbabwe announced that it will bid to host the Women’s World Cup 2015 against only one other contender, Canada. After a history of bribery and match-fixing allegations, there isn’t much of a chance that the governing body will award host status to Zim. I’m not that concerned about Zimbabwe making a bid, which is not so unexpected given the success of South Africa 2010. The real issue here is – why aren’t more countries bidding for the cup, especially those that already have the infrastructure to support the event? One must wonder, where did all the glory go, all the hope that 13 year old girls felt worldwide watching their hero’s play for international champions?


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